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AI SHOUJO Sample T-Shirt (White)

AI SHOUJO Sample T-Shirt (White)

Soul Piece Labs ORIGINAL

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Introducing the AI SHOUJO: Artificial Intelligence Girl program.

Model No: S0-P1

SoPi is the kindest of the AIs created at the Lab.

Her positive words will remind you that there’s always a good side to any situation. Some of her advice is a little idealistic, and couldn’t we all dream a little bit more?

Model No: S0-L4

SoLa is the coolest of the AIs created at the Lab.

She’ll give you advice that’s rational and straight to the point. Her words might be a little tough to accept, but you can be sure she still has your best interests at heart.

NOTE: This is a sample shirt. Finalized design forthcoming. 

Product Details:

  • Sizes: S - XL
  • Gildan Ultra Cotton Shirt
  • 100% Cotton
  • Screen Printed Design
  • A special discount code for final t-shirt design included with purchase of sample shirt