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Sakurafuda Set - Rose Gold Copper
Sakurafuda Set - Classic Black Nickel

Sakurafuda Set

Soul Piece Labs ORIGINAL

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"When I was kid, I loved when my aunts and uncles got together with my parents to played the game Hwa-tu (Korean) or Hanafuda as it is originally called in Japanese. I loved the sounds the cards made when being palyed and was enamored with the beautiful artwork on each card. 

This memory came to me while trying to come up with a tribute that represented my long-time admiration of CLAMP's beautiful work. I first discovered them with Card Captor Sakura and I've been an avid fan ever since. I nestled the iconic symbols from the series among the Sakura blossoms of the March suit cards. I cannot think of a more fitting tribute to both of these cherished parts of my childhood than with the Sakurafuda card set."

The set includes all 4 Sakurafuda Pins: Kero Curtain, Clow Poetry, Seal Wand, and Star Wand in a specially hand wrapped package.

Comes with an special 3" tall Clear Card sticker only available with Sakurafuda sets.

Product Details

  • Set contains 4 pins and 1 sticker
  • Available in Rose Copper or Black Nickel.
  • 1.25" x 2"
  • All New Custom SPL Back Stamp
  • Hard Enamel
  • Double Post
  • Butterfly Clutch (x2)

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